A Stellar website for Stellar Communication

Stellar Communication Interpreting and Caption Service is a new Washougal-based startup created to provide dedicated services to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Like many businesses in our community, Stellar Communication works with clients across the nation, using their new website for both customer and vendor acquisition.

Stellar is 100% B2B; they work primarily with education institutions and corporations to provide on-demand and long-term services. This is important work; the availability of sign language interpreting and translation can make the difference between a student’s or employee’s success and failure. It can transform the lives of their customers.

Carla Ring, the founder of Stellar Communication, is our kind of entrepreneur. See an opportunity in the marketplace. Leverage existing skills and network to create something new. Willing to take a risk, firm in her belief that her business will succeed. And full of heart; at the end of the day, Carla is personally invested in improving the lives of deaf and hard-of-hearing people through her work.

Learn more at StellarCommunication.net