We’d like to make the following acknowledgements:

From the Noun Project:
think by Laymik, coding by ProSymbols, live chat by ProSymbols, design by Eucalyp, Logo Design by Maxim Basinski, graphics software by Maxim Basinski, talking by ProSymbols, business card by Setyo Ari Wibowo, Package by Iconic, Sign by, Truck by Atif Arshad, Brochure by johartcamp, coffee takeaway by Vectors Market, Wrench by lastspark.

From FreePik:
“Headlines”, created by Kstudio, “Tired overworked businessman sleeping”, by ijeab, “Young man wearing a blue outfit. Cheating.” by borjandreu, “Close-up of business executives gossiping together”, by peoplecreations.