Downtown Washougal Association website launch

The Grow mission is to help local businesses in Camas and Washougal succeed. How better to multiply our effort than to support other organizations working to the same purpose?! We’re excited to announce the first official website for the Downtown Washougal Association (DWA for short), our first (but not last) non-profit partner.

When compared to other organizations with similar charters, the DWA is still the new kid on the block. 2018 has been a great year; the dedicated volunteers who have made major progress in community awareness and engagement, participation with local business, and outreach (their new website being a key component to this).

To learn more about the DWA and their mission, visit

A special thank you to Heena, AJ, Thea, Sharon, and the rest of the association board members–it’s been a sincere pleasure working with you on your site.