Gnomes and Fairies takeover Downtown Camas

Our First Friday debut was a hit! And what a great night!

This month’s event, hosted the Downtown Camas Association, was the biggest of the year (so far). The weather was perfect and Camas folks seem to really love the theme; oh boy, they were out en mass. We were right in the thick of it; the Grow team was generously hosted by Lisa Lê Properties, who let us set up in front of her office. It was the perfect spot to be part of the fun.

For our contribution to the event, we invited the little Gnomes and Fairies (and older kids too!) of Camas to color gnome pictures. Each artistic creation was scanned and instantly shared on, where the collection of images was available for viewing and sharing by everyone. The reception was absolutely terrific; parents had a fun stop for the littler ones, older kids got a kick out of seeing their image online, and our host got a great traffic-stopper right in front of her office. And we got to soft launch in a public venue, even if only in a small way. Win-win-win-win.

Everyone on our side had a great time–a huge thanks goes out to the Downtown Camas Association for making these events happen!

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