Introducing Grow!

Dedicated to nurturing the Camas–Washougal business community.

Grow is a new mission-driven digital agency dedicated to serving Camas–Washougal business. We believe that our community has extraordinary potential. We’re here to help realize that potential by supporting new and established local businesses, developing new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and providing products and services that promote economic growth. We’re part of the community and we’re here to help it grow.

What does ‘mission-driven’ mean?

Mission-driven companies build partnerships to produce products and services that have a positive social impact, meaning objectives aside from purely financial outcome. To be successful, the mission must be clearly stated both internally and externally. It guides all business decisions. It motivates employees and gives the work purpose. It encourages taking the bigger picture and avoiding short-term thinking.

Our mission:
To build a better Camas–Washougal by growing our economy, strengthening our community, and building our civic self-sufficiency.

What we do and how we serve

Our service mix will change as we learn the particular needs of our community. Right now, we’re focused on:

1. Digital Marketing

Grow is a foremost a digital service agency focused on helping local companies find technology solutions to grow their business. In most cases, this means marketing–websites, digital storefronts, search engine marketing and online advertising, email, social media marketing, sales materials, and much more.

2. World-class websites

A strong, effective online presence–one owned and managed completely by the company, not a page on some other website–is the foundation of the marketing strategy and usually the initial way customers learn about a business. We believe that social media is a critical complement of the marketing mix, not a complete strategy. Just because Camas is a small town doesn’t mean our businesses should settle for anything less than world-class digital solutions.

3. Camas–Washougal start-ups

We assist new companies (and new products) just getting off the ground with identity design, brand strategy development, product development, and packaging design. We help with naming, positioning, and market validation. Every new organization needs a clear and consistent message that is reenforced by every customer contact; in visual design, in language, and business practices. We help.

4. Full-service agency

While primarily focusing on digital solutions, we create brochures, large-scale catalogs, one-sheets, and other ad-hoc business materials. With more than 15 years of expertise, we have the tools needed to support every type of company.

5. Community initiatives

We have a number of community initiatives planned for our first year, including the “Youth Start-up Pitch Day” for the Camas High School senior class. More details to come.

6. Internal projects

In addition to working directly with local organizations, we are building a suite of community-focused digital products to support our mission of strengthening the community and building civic self-sufficiency.

We love meeting and working with Camas–Washougal businesses.
Please contact us to get started.