Introducing Lê Blog… Misadventures in online dating

Popular Camas-based realtor Lisa Lê originally started chronicling her hilarious misadventures in online dating on Facebook. She definitely has her own style; the stories are frank, funny, relatable, and occasionally cringe-inspiring. These posts quickly became popular, so much so that they soon outgrew the platform. Rather than abandoning the project–”Too good not to share” was her motto–she instead decided to get serious about it and create a dedicated home for this content outside of her social media channels.

Thanks to our already great working relationship, we were able to immediately help her strategize short-and-long term goals for the site. Two items of critical importance: push notifications and parity-of-experience. Push notifications blast a message out to fans when a new post is added and ‘parity-of-experience’ means the act of making a post may be no more complex than her existing workflow (which used the Facebook app). In short order, we designed and developed a custom site and migrated all her existing content to the new site. Both goals accomplished!

In addition, the new site is a platform for her divorce support advocacy activities. Lisa believes strongly that everyone struggling through a divorce–women and men–could use a helping hand and a positive word. She’s building a network of volunteers–many divorcees themselves–to help chart a path forward.

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