New website for Lisa Lê Properties

We’re excited to announce the official launch of Lisa Lê Properties, A Boutique Experience new website! It’s been such a pleasure working with (and becoming friends) with Lisa Lê… she’s amazing. Check out the site and give her a shout out!

The Grow team had a great time on this project; right from the getgo, we were given carte blanche in setting the vision for the site, defining success criteria and content strategy, and through final execution… it was a great opportunity to further develop her brand! Speaking of execution, we created nearly all the site content; producing photoshop-rendered images, writing the site text, and sourcing/editing images.

The new site is a great platform to be the first step her customer-acquisition flow, with messaging tailored to her specific audience. Next up, several outgoing marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to the top of the funnel. As always, we’ll continue to support her site with iterative improvements as we grow and learn more about her customers and her business.

Congratulations, Lisa Lê Properties!