Vancouver Laser Skin Care: Science + Beauty

It is our pleasure to announce a new website for the Vancouver Laser Skin Care Clinic! Vancouver Laser Skin Care is located in downtown Camas has been helping people with skin concerns for over 20 years, and has the expertise that comes with that experience. But how best to showcase that expertise? How to best present their suite of services, especially to an audience new to laser skincare? How to communicate these services in clean, modern design? How to make them accessible to an audience that’s less than computer savvy?

Enter Grow. Our extensive beauty-industry experience allowed us to immediately ramp up on Vancouver Laser’s skin care business practices and start developing answers to these questions. We know the target audience: professional women 30-65 years. We understand the challenge of talking about technology: balancing the message of science with the beautiful results it produces. The result? A website redesign focused on simplicity and elegance, with an edge of no nonsense science to help build trust. And a launch pad for future marketing efforts.

Check out the Vancouver Laser site here: